Adopt a Child

Bayit Lepleitot is where precious lives are saved, every day. You, too, can reach out and save a child. Our sponsorship program makes you the sponsor for one child at Bayit Lepleitot. Your monthly sponsorship fee will help cover her needs: food, shelter, schooling, career training, and some extras or other necessities according to the milestones she reaches. Some of our sponsors remain in constant contact with “their” child, sharing gifts and visits on occasion. Others send a warm birthday card. But no matter what the actual relationship is like, every sponsor provides “his” child with one incredible gift: the knowledge that the world outside is a good place, with warm and loving people who care for her.

See what some of our sponsors have to say:

Andrew Levine, Tziporah’s sponsor since 2003

“My wife and I have an ongoing relationship with Tziporah – our adopted Bayit Lepleitot girl. And I must say that it has enriched our lives no less than we enriched hers!”

Marca Ludwig, Faiga, Ayelet and Tammy’s sponsor since 2009

“I had been sponsoring three of Bayit Lepleitot’s girls for over six years now, and I never thought much about it. Last winter I was invited to visit the girls during my visit to Israel, and I was moved beyond words to see them. They were lovely, happy, thriving, and it is clear that this home is a truly warm and loving place for their growth. I am extremely proud to have a small part in these beautiful girls’ success.”

Avigdor Lieber, Lea’s sponsor since 2001

“We have recently ‘married off’ “our” girl, and I must say that it was one of the most powerfully moving occasions of our entire lives.”

Marsha M., Revital’s sponsor since 2004

“As a supporter of Bayit Lepleitot for many years, I was thrilled to visit the orphanage in person on my recent trip to Israel. It shall forever remain a heartwarming memory worth cherishing.

See what some of our girls have to say:

Orit H., age 8, sponsored by the Rosen family, Canada

“It was so inspiring to finally meet Rachel, a nice woman from America who adopted me as her friend at Bayit Lepletot and sent me so many gifts. When she arrived here, I was nearly crying with joy to meet the person who spent so much time caring for Bayit Lepleitot and making us happier.”

Avital N., age 7, sponsored by M.F., Mexico City

“I never met Masha [my sponsor], but I like to think of her a little bit as my mother. She sometimes writes me letters and I write back. I tell her about my day and my friend. And I know that she cares. She even sent me a gift for my birthday and sent me money to buy an outfit for Rosh Hashana, and I was so happy.”

Penina H., age 23, sponsored by the Lacks family, Los Angeles

“When I look at my beautiful home nowadays I think of all the people who helped make this impossible reality true for me, and my heart is filled with so much gratitude. …My sponsor, especially, has a huge part in the new Jewish home that [my husband] and I are building now. I cannot begin to imagine the zchuyot that these people have.”