Mission Statement

Bayit Lepleitot strives to be the surrogate home for girls who are orphaned or come from abusive or dysfunctional families, giving them everything that they need and deserve but weren’t able to receive in their own homes. Bayit Lepleitot embraces the girls, heals their scars, nurtures their self-confidence and equips them with all the tools they will need to break the cycle of poverty and neglect and build beautiful, happy and successful lives.

Our vision is that every girl who arrives at Bayit Lepleitot will know that, here, she has found a home.

Our History

In 1949, Rabbi Naftali Rosenfeld founded Bayit Lepleitot to care of twenty-four young girls who had miraculously survived the Holocaust but lost all their family.  A survivor himself, Rabbi Rosenfeld had lost his wife and four daughters. Turning his own pain into a catalyst for spreading goodness, Rabbi Rosenfeld and his wife welcomed the terrified young girls into the new orphanage, dedicating their entire lives to their well-being. At Rabbi Rosenfeld’s side stood his partner, Rabbi Shlomo Pappenheim, later to be joined by Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Stern and Rabbi Rosenfeld’s son, Rabbi Moshe Yona Rosenfeld.

After Rabbi Rosenfeld’s passing, his son continued his legacy, welcoming orphaned and disadvantaged girls into Bayit Lepleitot’s warm haven. Today, Rabbi Moshe Yona Rosenfeld along with Rabbi Stern’s son – Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya Stern are at the helm. Joining them is Rabbi Chaim Elazar, the son of Rabbi Moshe Yona, and they are devotedly running the day-to-day operations. Bayit Lepleitot is home to close to four-hundred girls in three different branches in Yerushalayim, continuing the multi-generational mission:

Healing hearts and building futures.

Past and present – a stirring photo presentation


Rabbi Samuel I. Stern z”l

Rabbi Naftali Rosenfeld z”l

Rabbi Shlomo Pappenheim z”l


Rabbi Moshe Yona Rosenfeld

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Rosenfeld

Historical Pictures