As in every family, and especially in one as varied and complex as ours where the girls arrive with a painful history and staggering emotional baggage, each child requires unique care, a specially tailored path to healing, and loving, individual attention. Bayit Lepleitot’s hand-picked, trained staff members all share an uncanny perception into the girls’ needs, wisdom, and an incredibly warm heart. They are truly these girls’ loving, deeply caring family.

 Bayit Lepleitot’s staff includes at each building:

  • A Female Director
  • House Mother
  • General Counselors
  • Night Counselors
  • Shabbat Counselors
  • Educational Consultants
  • Social Workers
  • Therapists
  • Educational Coordinator
  • Private Tutors
  • Afternoon Program Instructors:
    • Art
    • Graphics
    • Cooking
    • Exercise
    • Home Economics
    • Embroidery
    • Drama
    • Voice
  • Secretaries
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Laundry (Clothing) Room Staff
  • Dining Room Supervisor
  • Clothing Shopper
  • Bride Manager
  • Patient Manager
Rabbi Moshe Yona Rosenfeld

Rabbi Moshe Yona Rosenfeld

President and director of the institution, Rabbi Rosenfeld carries the main financial burden of Bayit Lepleitot, traveling abroad numerous times a year to enable the girls to receive the best care.

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Rosenfeld

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Rosenfeld

Warm and devoted, Rabbi Rosenfeld serves as the general educational director of the institution. He is the one who directs everything in the day-to-day running of the homes; from education, to staff, to public relations.