he 2nd night of Chanukah in the “Bayit Lepletot” Home in Yerushalayim, as hundreds of orphaned and deprived girls had the zechus to listen and watch as  the Gaon, Hamekubal Rebbe Yaakov Hillel shlit’a, the Rosh Yeshiva of Ahavas Sholom in Yerushalayim, lit the Chanukah licht for them.

The Institutions Director, Harav Moshe Yonah Rosenfeld greeted the distinguished guest Shlit”a in the name of all the girls.

HaGaon Harav Y. Hillel Shlit”a spoke to the girls with words of blessing and encouragement, he strengthened their hearts and clarified to them about the greatness of the days of Chanukah and how Hashem likes the tefillos of Banos Yisroel.  “Have no fear, Hashem is with you, Hashem cares about you and loves you, you will do wonderful shiduchim Be’Ezras Hashem”, with these words Harav Hillel continued on to bless them with many more blessings.

HaGaon Harav Yaakov Shlit”a expressed his feelings towards the Director, Rabbi Moshe Yona Rosenfeld, and praised the zechus that he has to enlighten and gladden the orphaned girls and explained that in the time of Chanukah when all the families unite in their homes together to celebrate the days of Chanukah, that is the best time to come and gladden the girls who unfortunalty aren’t zoceh to have a family, and to lighten up and inspire and encourage them