I wish to see Totty lighting the Menorah
Sore’le, 9 years
הלוואי כ׳קען זען מיין טאטע צינדן חנוכה לעכט...
שרה׳לע, 9 יאר

Our girls dream.

Of a loving home. Plentiful food. Someone that cares.
Of a family that surrounds them with comfort and removes them from the hunger, abuse and neglect
of their past.

Show that you care.

To feed and outfit our girls costs:

Millions of dollars

Every year

send a

care package

to a girl in need


Healing hearts. Building futures.

Bayis Lepleitos offers orphaned and neglected girls a loving home to grow up in. To heal their scars and look towards a brighter future ahead.

Open your hearts to those who need it most.

We provide our girls with:

A Warm and Loving Home

Food & Clothing

Medical & Psychological Care

Excellent Schooling

After-School Classes & Social Activities

Career Traning

Skills for their Future Homes

Shidduchim and Weddings

News & Events

Open house

Feel the Spirit in the Air

And it is people like you who help make this happen!

For girls who were orphaned early on in life or suffered abuse, hunger, shame, and excruciating poverty, these basics seem like the stuff of fairytales. Bayit Lepleitot offers them a loving home where their scars can heal and where they can look to the future with confidence and hope.