Walking through the bright pink, princess-themed hallways, it is hard not to note the feelings of warmth and contentedness that permeate the air. The girls are pampered with luxurious linen and dreamily decorated rooms – anything to infuse the place with a hominess that will make them proud to bring friends over to their “home.” Bayit Lepletot maintains three campuses in two different neighborhoods: a campus on Sorotzkin Street known as “Bayit Lepletot,” and two buildings on Baharan Street. Each campus includes a dining room, kitchen, laundry room, library, computer room, art room, music room, game room, recreational garden and playground, and… of course, bedrooms. More importantly, each campus has a House Mother, who along with her husband, serve as a loving “father and mother,” while counselors keep a close watch on their smaller group of charges to make sure that every need – physical or emotional – is immediately met.

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