Every girl dreams of her birthday; that special day once a year when she is celebrated and showered affection and love. For the girls in the huge and bustling family that is Bayit Lepleitot, being “Queen for a Day” is of special import. It is touching to watch their faces break into joyous smiles as they accept their friends’ adoration, the large birthday cake, the merry balloons and the festive celebration of pure love and acceptance of them just as they are.

As each girl’s Bat Mitzvah arrives, they eagerly anticipate the lavish celebration of this very special milestone in their lives.  Bayit Lepleitot invests tremendous effort and resources into marking each girl’s special day in a way that will make her feel beloved, and remain with her for years to come. A beautiful gown is purchased for her in honor of the occasion, and she is pampered and dressed-over with a professional hairdo. An entertainer is hired for the party, and guests are treated to a beautiful slide-show presentation with drama and song prepared and recorded by the Bat Mitzvah girl herself. Some lucky girls receive an even more upgraded event, gift of their sponsors abroad, but every girl leaves the party feeling that she is truly part of a massive, embracing family that cherishes her and will continue to caringly accompany her on her journey to adulthood.

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